Load Flow Calculations Program

Like most load flow programs, this program is for the analysis of balanced three-phase electric power networks.

SimPhase load flow has an important added value : It gives you a very accurate representation of all the three-phase induction motors of your network (including those with a variable frequency drive (VFD) speed control) at any voltage.

The effects of terminal voltage variations on each induction motor are included in the calculations. Load flow algorithm can handle large voltage variations.

Because the induction motors may represent an important fraction of the load for an electric network, this advanced induction motors representation gives you a better modelization of the load for your network.

The load flow program allows an unlimited number of induction motors. You can have many induction motors connected to any bus.

Synchronous machines, transformers and shunt compensation systems can do local or remote voltage controls.

All transformers fixed-tap positions other than 100% that you specified, are also included in the load flow simulations.

All two-windings and three-windings transformers automatically include any off-nominal voltage ratio condition. An off-nominal voltage ratio condition happens when the ratio of buses rated voltages is not equal to the ratio of transformer rated voltages.