Free Version

Download the latest ( April 2021) free version of the SimPhase Software Suite. It contains the graphical interface and the Induction Motor Calculations (IMC) Program .

The free version is limited to three-phase induction motors rated 60 hp or less. It has no time limit. Use it as long as you want.

  • Close any open instance of the SimPhase Interface program.
  • You DO NOT NEED to uninstall any previous version of the SimPhase Software Suite.
  • Double-click the executable setup_demo_5005.exe that is included in the ZIP file.
  • After the installation, you DO NOT NEED to re-start your computer.

Including examples files.

About the Security of these downloads :
For your protection, I digitally sign all the executables of SimPhase downloads.
Even with all these precautions, some antivirus may sometimes flag my downloads as malicious. If this happens, don’t be afraid, the antivirus analysis is wrong. My signed downloads are 100 % safe.
An antivirus flagging a perfectly safe program is called a false positive. False positives are problems for software developers outside well known companies.
When I know the existence of a false positive, I contact the AV company and ask for a more rigorous analysis of my programs. It usually solves the false positive problem for this executable.
Please keep me informed. This will help me keep the false positive rate as low as possible.

Pierre Lacasse